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Dinning room and menu
The restaurant
In the evening, the Inn offers you a five course meal of fine French cuisine with local products. The meal, the courteous service and the cosy romantic atmosphere will allow you to spend an unforgettable evening in an ancestral house. 
* Discount is offered to people who stay at the Inn. 
You will find on the wine list a good selection of wines at reasonnable prices that also include some private imports.
Salle à manger chaleureuse
The menu
Welcome to the auberge La Marguerite 
We are proud to offer you a menu that contains many locally sourced ingredients and local delicacies! 
We wish you a delightful evening at our table. Enjoy your meal. 
Janic & Christian

Chef ‘s salad Salad
dressing made with Org sunflower oil from la ferme Pré Rieur 

 Suggestion of the day 

 Goat cheese ″crème brûlée″
 from fromagerie la Paysanne 

Shrimps flamed with anise liqueur and served in a rich cream sauce ``Racine`` anise liqueur from Les Spiritueux Iberville 

 Escargots au P’tit Bronzé de St-Vallier
with fine herbs, butter and maple smoked cheese 

Saumoscuitto, sour cream-cheese and chives
with sunflower oil and balsamic vinegar 

Pastries with cheese Tomme de Grosse-Île
with pine nuts and maple syrup 
Smoked sturgeon from the St. Lawrence river
served on a bed of greens,
Cranberry and sunflower seeds and rasberry coulis  

Buffalo smoked meat from farm Bison Chouinard
with sundried tomatoes and green pepper 
Granita with cider Le Pomérable and Calvados 

The vegetarian La Marguerite $ 39.                                   according to the chef's inspiration… ask   
Veal tenderloin 
layered with apple, leek and camembert $ 51.
flavoured with honey, deglazed with cider du St-Laurent. 
Chicken breast and sausage elk and field berry $ 48.
with La Paysanne goat cheese and field berry coulis 
Salmon Pavé fondant hot smoked from Gaspé, $ 50. 
mustard, maple syrup and nuts  
Pork from farm Bonneau with shiitake  $48. 
served with a cream and moutarde de Meaux sauce 
Maple guinea fowl muff  $ 50.  
with maple balsamic sauce from ferme Kégo cailles 
Buffalo tenderloin from Chouinard farm
with a five pepper sauce $ 56.
deglazed with wine le Faubourg vignoble le Faubourg.
Additional charge $3. with package
 Quail stuffed with foie gras and prune $ 53.  
Cranberry sauce, deglazed with Sacrilège vignoble du Faubourg. Ferme Kego caille 
Rabbit from Ferme L'espinay in a phyllo,                              sweet & sour sauce  $ 53. 
rolled in a phyllo pastry with portobella, carrot & leak 
Choice cuts of Duck breast
with onion confit and Porto $ 53.

with butter in the cheese St-Charles from St-Vallier & Porto  
Flank deer from Appalaches with shallot $ 50.
sauce shiitake,
deglazed with Sacrilège from vignoble du Faubourg

Black pudding with smoked ketchup, Nuit d ‘automne and bacon $ 50.                                                                       Pearl onions, ketchup and dark beer. Ferme Bonneau and Retour aux sources
Dessert of the day  
A platte of Local cheese and fruit add. Charge $ 7. 

Coffee “ Le Torpinouche ” from Bonté Divine,  
A choice of teas including herbal tea 
Espresso $ 3.
Cappuccino $ 4.
Mokaccino $ 4.
Caffé latte $ 4. 

Menu and prices may change.