Dining room.

The inn offers you, with Janic in the service and Christian in the kitchen, a breakefast able to give all the energy for the conquest of the region. In the evening, five-course table d’hôte of fine cuisine with a local accent, in an intimate and romantic atmosphere accompanied by a warm and courteous service, which will allow you to spend an unforgettable evening in the decor of an ancestral home.

In addition, the wine list offers a selection of affordable wines, as well as private imports.

A la carte breakefast...

To start, plate of fresh fruit.

Fruit juice or apple must La pomme du St-Laurent

Pancake with ham and/or cheddar cheese from the Port-Joli cheese dairy

*Organic Seigneurie des Aulnaie flour

Mexican Style Eggs*

Scrambled eggs with mild salsa and Cheddar cheese from Fromagerie Port-Joli

Traditional breakefast *

Phew turned, mirror, scrambled or poached Eggs

Benedict* (Preparation 15 min.)

Florentine eggs * (Preparation 15 min.)

baked with cream, spinach and herb cheese from Fromagerie Port-Joli.

*Served with kid sausage from Chèvrerie des Belles Amours, St-Michel flower grilling cheese from St-Vallier, hash browns, roasted potatoes. Creton, caramel and jams at Christian.

Smoked salmon on an English muffin with its spread and Côte-Sud cheese from Fromagerie Port-Joli.

French toast from Gosselin bakery with apple jelly from La Pomme du St-Laurent cider house.

The light*

Fruit compote, yogurt and müesli cereals

Café the Torpinouche of Bonté Divine


Enjoy your meal…


If you wish to accompany your lunch

Espresso $ 2.50  Cappuccino $ 3.50

Mimosa $ 7.95 Coffee with milk  $ 3.50  Moccaccino  $ 3.50 


We are proud  to offer you a menu mostly prepared from local and Quebec products. Have a good evening at our table.

Janic and Christian

Your 3-course table d'hôte



                                                         Onion cream with onion island                                                      cheese tuile of Canotier

                                                     Season’s chef’s salade                                                              Vinaigrette made with organic sunflower oil from La ferme Pré Rieur.

                                         Shrimp flambéed with anise liqueur Root cream sauce                             anise liqueur Les Spiritueux Iberville.

                                                Snails with P’tit Bronzé de St-Vallier                                                          herb and garlic butter, smoked maple cheese and crouton.

                                                      Smoked salmon & its chive spread                                                           flavored with sunflower oil and balsamic vinegar.

                                               Tomme de Grosse-Île cheese puff pastry                                                       with pine nuts, maple taffy and grape

                                          Smoked bison from La Ferme Bison Chouinard                                        sun-dried tomatoes and green pepper.


Principal meal

                                                             La Marguerite’s vegetarian                                                          According to the inspiration of the chef… ask;


                                          Melting pave of hot smoked salmon from Gaspésie                                    Mustard, maple and walnuts.


                                                   Pork mignon with mustard and shiitake                                                     Meaux mustard cream sauce. From Ferme Bonneau.


                                                           Maple guinea fowl sleeve                                                                 Balsamic and maple sauce. From Ferme Caille Kégol.


                                 Bison fillet with 5 peppercorn sauce, From Ferme Chouinard                                           Deglazed  with Faubourg wine from Le Vignoble du Faubourg and cream ($ 8. extra )



                       Black pudding and ketchup smoked at the autumn night beer and bacon                            Pearl onions, fruit ketchup and black beer. Ferme Bonneau and Retour aux Sources


                                                                        Sweets of the day                                                                                                                                                       or                                                                                        plate of local cheeses and fruits (extra $ 9. )

Café le Torpinouche de Bonté Divine, tea or herbal tea.

Espresso $ 2.50 Cappuccino $ 3.50 Moccaccino $ 3.50  Latte $ 3.00


The menu and prices are subject to change without notice


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